OKAY. She’s finally done!! I rerooted her myself and it took about five hours by the reroot tool method, and her hair is pretty sturdy with only minimal glue too. I adore her hair, (!!!!!!LIKE SO MUCH OMMMG) it’s so pretty and most of the time it sits at this blonde and peachy colour, I friggin love it! ;0; Her faceup was done by me and while I know it’s not everyones cup of tea I hope someone will like it. It’s grown on me, I tried to make her that surf model kind/ Makeup, but still with a natural touch, if that makes any sense. Still mostly raw. I LIKE IT. I think I’ve managed to make her not… a Poppy Parker? I dunno. I tried lol.

I’m probably looking to sell her as my doll collection has veered off in another direction since I bought her. She was bought about two months ago, ‘brand new’ aka never removed from her box, as a Look of Love, intending to be completely redone. She was rerooted with colour changing hair (blonde to salmon pink) and platinum blonde. At time her hair can go completely blonde, or blonde with a sweet coloured pink, a bit darker than this (pink when it’s colder, blonde when warmer) but I had my air conditioner on and so it was quite temperate lol. Please email me if you are interested. I can sell her as a fullset for around $220 give or take, plus $20 regular airmail shipping, (I’d like to get my money back, I’m barely charging for the hours of effort I put into her. Her original fullset cost me $220) and she will come with pretty much everything pictured (jiajiadoll dress, tights, and boots, with her original stand, not the stand pictured, and her box, which has a bit of a tear/rips on it as my bird snuck over to it and started eating it x___x ) or you can buy her nude for $200, or with her original ‘Look of Love’ fullset for $250. Shipping will be $5 less if you don’t mind me shipping her without a box and in a padded bag, but it won’t change if you want her with another kind of shipping unfortunately. Email me if interested, hiritai@gmail.com

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